Our Work

In the past two decades, members of our team have played leading roles in the design and execution of significant provincial, national and international conferences, dialogues and consultations, and have authored or edited a variety of senior policy documents released to the public.

In our experience, clients well aware of where they want their organizations to go.  Our ability to help you establish how you’ll get there is based on listening first, and then building on two decades of experience leading or jointly preparing more than twenty strategic plans and strategic assessments for public sector organizations, law enforcement, and the non-profit sector.

This experience includes explicit work on strategy with large organizations including the BC Ministry of Justice, BC Ministry of Public Safety, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada, as well as non-profit community organizations such as the Vancouver Island School of Art, BC Home Learners’ Association, and Vancouver Island Water Polo Association

A key part of any action plan is getting the right people to the table and hearing from those who will play a part in change.  Dialogue, and the hard work that creates a successful event leading to action, is our specialty.

Our experience includes managing and delivering the British Columbia Justice Summit process (organizing and delivering statutory meetings of BC’s justice system leadership) from 2013 to date, including events on Justice, Mental Health and Substance Use (2016), Trauma-Informed Practice (2015), Violence Against Women (2014), Family Justice (2014), and two events on Criminal Justice (2013).

It also includes leading program design and conference management for major international conferences on crime and public policy in Beijing (1998), and Vancouver (1999, 2000, 2007), as well as design and delivery of more than twenty corporate retreats, dialogues, and special events for senior clients and participants since 2002, including most recently significant participation in the design and delivery of the annual National Symposium on Reinventing Criminal Justice.

In designing events, we build on substantive experience in credentialed participation and presentation in dozens of major events in ten countries, including UN-sponsored international dialogues on international crime control treaties and technical assistance at the UN Crime Commission in Vienna; in Kyoto, Japan, and in San Jose, Costa Rica; in dialogue with US Federal agencies as a participant in the International Visitor Leadership Program (US Department of State); in dialogue as invited guests of the Home Office UK and of the Community Justice Authority in Scotland, and of the Law Foundation of Ontario; in presentations to the International Studies Association and to the Learned Societies of Canada; and in delivering invited addresses and lectures at Harvard University, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria, the University of the Fraser Valley, and Concordia University.

Examples of our range of experience in writing include:


“I have worked with Allan over the past 5 years on several projects focused on bringing together persons from across the justice system to develop creative solutions to serious criminal justice system challenges. In each case he has had to combine strong policy, management and consensus-building skills to achieve a successful result. Allan’s leadership in all of these projects has been exceptional. He is creative, persistent and collegial, and is known for always meeting even unreasonable deadlines.”  Senior Director, National Judicial Institute; formerly Deputy Attorney General of Canada and Deputy Attorney General of Ontario

“Allan initially joined our executive team at Justice to lead development of our business intelligence systems.  His astute grasp of how public sector systems work, and his ability to synthesize new and sensitive information, quickly led to an expanded role as we set out the Ministry’s reform agenda in a time of significant media scrutiny.  He remains a key player in justice reform in British Columbia due to the quality of his work and his sustained leadership in challenging the system to improve.  Allan’s contribution to solving any complex problem is invariably significant. It was also always a pleasure to work with him .”  David Loukidelis QC, formerly Deputy Attorney General, Province of British Columbia

“I had the opportunity to observe firsthand Allan’s abilities with respect to effectively managing extremely complex projects and large groups of employees.  He was also skilled and successfully integrating the work of other agencies and their employees.  He demonstrated a high degree of proficiency at senior levels of policing, with Governments, with Academia as well as with the entire range of employees and clients.  I considered Allan to have excellent leadership skills, evidenced by feedback I received by those who worked for or with him.  The quality of Allan’s work was always to the highest of standards, often held out as an example in other parts of the organization, locally and nationally.”   Gary D. Bass, O.O.M., Deputy Commissioner, RCMP (retired)



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